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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO is the practice of hiring a different company to handle a process that usually your own business needs to operate. You are using third-party companies to handle non-primary and non-relevant business activities for you company. With RPA, outsourcing becomes less popular when it comes to decreasing costs and streamlining operations. RPA is here to deliver business capacity and increase the value to customers. 

Financial Services & Banking

In the financial services, RPA can help by optimizing the data, keep up with customer expectations, making financial forecasting and visualizing the insights on the company’s pain points. Reduce operational cost by reducing the reporting errors. Reduce fraud by creating an 100% audibility in the company.


Analysing health care data, reducing compliance risks and more patient engagements are just a couple of benefits when RPA is implemented in the healthcare sector. Resulting in general cost reduction and a better care for patients.

Public sector

RPA can enhance citizen experience by ensure that public sector can keep up their expectations. RPA can be implemented on all kind of technologies, whether is legacy mainframe, SAP, ORACLE or even SalesForce. Removing the mundane and repetitive work from public sector employees to focus on high value work.


From error-reduction in back-office where RPA increase team morale and reduce human error, to providing digital assistants to agents in the front-offices. Giving every front-office agent a digital helper, that can assist them with various tasks. Awarding front-office agents with more flexibility and time to improve client relation and satisfaction. With RPA and digital workforce, telecom providers can set their sights on operational improvements.


Automate repetitive, transactional processes of data collection and reporting to lower operating cost within insurance companies. Improving service delivery by bettering claim management and manual processing of the repetitive tasks. Form process-underwriting claims registrations and processing policy issuance and renewals. It's an industry that relies on its back-office processes and those processes are increasingly inundated, slow and inefficient.

Life Scienses

To increase patient services, speed up development and streamline processes, Life Science sector should consider Robotic Process Automation. Working 24/7 to free up valuable time, robots can assist in daily work environment, providing more time for research and solving challenges around price pressure. 


Despite the physical robots that were built to streamline the assembly line, the manufacturing industry still struggles to maintain control over managing its back-offices and operational processes. Juggling between intensive labour, customer communications, procurement, inventory, and payment processing. Keeping in mind the cost reduction and innovation. RPA can assist manufacturing companies to improve agility and more streamlined operations across the organisation.

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