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Dashboarding and Analytics

Dashboards are pieces of information that allows the end-user to have unified view of the business data. This data and information is what "drives" the company forward. This dashboard can be diverse as:


  • Business metrics

  • GIS maps

  • KPI Key performance indicators

  • Operational Data

In terms of RPA and automation, dashboard provide an overview of the automated robots. What are the robots doing, how are they performing and what ROI (return on investment) are they making for the company. With RPA dashboards you have 2 different types.

Operational data

Operational data gives the insights on how the robot is performing. Information like; how many times did the robot run, how many successful cases did it accomplish, how many cases did it failed, average runtime of the robots, CPU usage and many more.

Business data

Having insight in the business data of an organisation, is the real strength of RPA analytics. All the data that is passing through a robot, can be visualized automatically. This requires zero effort from the development and end-user perspective. Providing automatic real-time dashboards will make the RPA journey an absolute success.

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