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Unlocking Efficiency: The Art of Process Discovery

In the day-to-day operations of an organization, processes are the backbone. These are structured series of tasks – be it onboarding a new recruit, managing a customer order, shuttling data between applications, or finalizing an account. They're the standardized steps employees enact daily to drive specific results. Unfortunately, many of these processes are repetitive and routine, making them prime candidates for automation.

In many organizations, each department follows its unique processes. Yet, there's often a lack of clarity on what transpires once a task is passed along. This gap in understanding is compounded when detailed process maps or comprehensive descriptions aren't in place.

Process Discovery: From Confusion to Clarity

At its core, process discovery is about shedding light on the maze of tasks within an organization. It can start as informally as assembling individuals from various departments, discussing, and charting out their processes. Such collaborative sessions often unravel new steps and intricacies that span across teams and divisions. Additionally, frequent process discussions can reveal potential RPA-eligible tasks that had previously flown under the radar.

Our Approach to Process Discovery

We've curated an array of strategies tailored to demystify the world of organizational processes:

1. Team Workshops: By engaging departments in brainstorming sessions, we tap into their day-to-day experiences, offering insights into tasks ripe for automation.
2. RPA Demonstrations: Showcasing RPA in action allows team members to visualize the potential, pushing them to think more innovatively about their processes.
3. 'Buildabot' Sessions: Co-creating robots with business users doesn't just demystify the tech—it also fosters a deeper understanding and ownership, ensuring more effective process discovery.

By partnering with us, organizations don't just map their processes—they revolutionize them.


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