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A process in an organisation can be anything from on-boarding a new employee, processing a customer order, data entry from one application to another or closing an account. It is a set of steps that we do every day in our work environment to achieve certain outcomes. A lot of times, these processes are repetitive and mundane, what makes these the perfect candidates for automation.

Every department has these types of processes and often people don't know what happens to an item once it leaves their hands. A process mapping or a good description of a process is off non-existent in a lot of organisations.

Process discovery can be as simple as gathering people from the same or different departments, discussing and mapping their processes. Through different sessions and discussions, you quickly create an overview and discover new steps across teams, departments and divisions. Having these different sessions often will result in the discovery of new processes that can be a great addition to the RPA pipeline.

We provide different strategies in the area of process discovery. From team workshops, where we brainstorm with different departments on their daily tasks, to having RPA demo's and "buildabots" together with business users. This enriches the peoples understanding in the technology and makes for better process discovery.

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